About Chai for Cancer

Chai for Cancer is an awareness and fund-raising campaign, now in its tenth year.


A fund raising exercise is never quite in the mould of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party of Alice In Wonderland fame. However, our Chai for Cancer Addas share a kinship with far-fetched, apparently implausible notions that have shown results. A sense of humour and irreverence lifts spirits.

It is the brain-child of Viji Venkatesh, Region Head (South Asia) – The Max Foundation, and the Chairperson & Managing Trustee of Friends of Max, a registered charitable public trust.

“Our slogan is ‘Drink To A Cause’. I thought a simple association between cancer and a cup of chai which is everyman’s drink would have recall value as well as bring a sense of comfort and normalcy to the feared condition”, says Viji.

Chai for Cancer is an ambitious effort to give Friends of Max (the Support Group arm of The Max Foundation in India) a tool to raise funds to support its wide range of patient-focused activities.

Chai for Cancer deploys informal hangouts or ‘Addas’ complete with a cup of chai and refreshments that will bring together like minded donors and supporters of the cause.

Chai for Cancer Addas are ideal to reach out to families coping with cancer as well as for emotional support that is necessary in what can be an arduous journey.

How it works

There is no preferred venue. Chai for Cancer Addas work anywhere: homes, offices, parks, gardens, public spaces and hospitals. Any place where friends can get together, chat and have a cup of chai.

Chai for Cancer involves a “host volunteer” who organizes the Chai Adda at a venue of his/her choice. We provide the host with a Chai for Cancer kit containing the following items: Tea (donated by Society Tea) and paper cups, posters / flyers / ‘thank you’ cards and Receipt Books

We also provide 80-G receipts for donations.

If you wish to partner with us as a volunteer in this unique exercise and host a Chai for Cancer Adda in your home or your office, please let us know. You can write to us at chaiforcancer@gmail.com.

Why it works

No one knows what someone is going through unless they are going through it themselves. Our Patient Support Groups recognize the need for sharing and learning from each other’s experiences.  A Chai for Cancer Adda creates an atmosphere of an extended family which fulfils this important need.