And Chai for Cancer 2020 is on !

“Thank you friends and their friends for all the Chaifies pouring in and all the contributions being made to Chai for Cancer . Here’s a small note on the campaign in case you are wondering about it. Chai for Cancer is a unique awareness and fundraising campaign I began in a small way looking to raise funds for cancer patients in need for basic amenities. The beneficiaries were & continue to be , patients on life long treatment for two rare cancers supported by Friends of Max, the support group arm of The Max Foundation in India. It has come a long way in 7 years. A simple yet appealing concept of sharing your cup of chai and contributing what you deem to be its value to the welfare of a cancer patient. ‪Chai for Cancer 2020 is launching on 10th May! Join our campaign & raise your cup & drink to this cause . Post your Chaifie – A Selfie with your cup of Chai & donate ‬online. ‪Your contribution will go a long way in supporting a cancer patient in need ‬

How much to donate ?

You decide what that one cup of chai is worth to a patient in need . We have a minimum donation cap at 100/- per cup. You can dedicate one cup or as many cups you drink in a day, a week or through the month .

This year more than ever I need your support . Thousands of patients we work with are left without basic means to travel & seek consultation & collect their supply of meds . I am all the more determined to make our campaign work better this year .

Thanks to you and the cup of tea you will raise to Chai for Cancer.” – Viji Venkatesh

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