Kamini Dandapani

Kamini Dandapani, a native of Chennai, and a current resident of New York, is a writer and trained classical artist. Her book, Rajaraja Chola: King of Kings which was recently published by the renowned Aleph Book Company, is fast becoming a popular read. Through her book, she explored the man behind the larger-than-life image of Rajaraja and the milieu in which he reigned. A kind-hearted philanthropist herself , Ms. Dandapani, is also a keen supporter of Chai for Cancer, and had hosted the first New York Adda in 2015 at her lovely home…Read more

Meher Marfatia

A journalist and published author, she is one of the most unique contributors to our Season 8 campaign. Every month, Meher lends us unique stories from her book “Once Upon a City” which are published on our social media handles for raising funds and awareness to support cancer patients in need....

Rohini Bhowmick

In 2021, she, along with her husband Chirodeep Chaudhuri added a unique flair to our Season 8 campaign by organizing a Virtual Fundraiser of her own generating ₹ 2.8 Lakhs in donations and priceless amounts of awareness and goodwill for our cause....

Alakta Kar

In 2021, unable to host a gathering due to the ongoing lockdown restrictions, but still motivated to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients, Alakta donated ₹ 1.6 Lakhs through her e-learning platform “Maatraa”...

Dr Vispi Bathena

Chai for Cancer Superhero Dr Vispi Bathena is a unique supporter of our cause. For the last 3 years, he has used Bombay Brokers Forum’s magazine, Forum Views, to amplify the voice of CFC and all our supporters. This niche magazine, very popular in its circles, features a full page advertisement on Chai for Cancer's ongoing campaign and urges its readers to Raise their Cups and Drink to our Cause....

Gowri Mohanakrishnan

Chai for Cancer Superhero Gowri Mohanakrishnan is an exemplary writer who has livened up our Wednesdays with stories from her blog, “Indian Chai Stories”, where she has documented close to 200 stories from 58 contributors from the tea gardens of Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Sri Lanka.....

Nikhil Batra

#chaiforcancerhero Nikhil Batra Friends of Max patient leader from Pune - his other name is "Courage" and he embodies that in more ways than one. Looking so cool in his Courage #chaiforcancerteeRead more

Pranay Ranjan

#chaiforcancerhero Meet Pranay Ranjan Friends of Max City Chapter Leader who holds dual residency - of both Bangalore & Hyderabad and has been hosting a #chaiforcanceradda every single year since its inception. Pranay & his Band "BReloaded" bring the house down each time singing their hearts out for the cause !Read more

Salman Khan

#Chaiforcancerheroes Salman Khan and Viji Venkatesh raise their cup of chai and drink to a cause - the first ever #chaiforcancermugs raised - back in 2014 - year one of Chai for Cancer.Read more