Michaela Geissler

#chaiforcancerhero Michaela Geissler is Project Manager with Sarcoma Patients EuroNET (SPAEN) and works closely with The Max Foundation and Friends of Max. Support from peers in cancer care means the world to us because Chai for Cancer is as much about cancer awareness as it is about fundraising. Michaela makes our #chaiforcancermugs look so good!Read more

Dr Rakesh Taran

#ChaiforCancerHero Dr Rakesh Taran of Indore is one of the physician partners with The Max Foundation manages and cares for a large number of #CML patients on lifelong treatment. His #chaiforcancermug that he bought at the Adda held last year in Indore is very special, he says. Keeps his mind focused on the seemingly small needs of the patients we serve.Read more


#chaiforcancerhero He’s called Smiling Vishwa by his friends and one look at his brilliant smile is enough to know why. One of the most active Friends of Max Volunteers from Chennai, Vishwa makes our #chaiforcancertee glow too. Seen here with his favourite Chai for Cancer poster - The Face of Courage.Read more

Anushka Indurkar

#chaiforcancerhero Anushka Indurkar making our #chaiforcancertee look like a million dollars. Did you know by buying and wearing one Chai for Cancer Tee you can help pay for one cancer patient buy a ticket to go see his/her treating physician?Read more

Josue Blanco

#chaiforcancerhero Meet Josue Blanco of The Max Foundation showing off his #chaiforcancertee.Read more

Dr. Dinesh Bhurani

#chaiforcancerhero Dr. Dinesh Bhurani, Chai for Cancer host in a Chai for Cancer tee. We adore you Dr Dinesh Bhurani!Read more

Rajdeep Singh Kathuria

#ChaiforCancerHero Rajdeep Singh Kathuria, Friends of Max City Chapter Leader from Delhi raises his Chai for Cancer Mug in The Max Foundation office in Mumbai. It is the positive energies generated by advocates like him that keep the cancer narrative positive.Read more

Viji Venkatesh & Venky

#chaiforcancerheroes Viji Venkatesh and Venky . Also known universally as Amma & Appa have been hosting the first Adda of every Chai for Cancer season. Here they are at an Adda sporting their Chai for Cancer tees #chaiforcanceradda #raiseyourcup #drinktoacauseRead more

Purnota Bahl

#chaiforcancerhero Purnota Bahl of Cuddles Foundation raises her cup for cancer care . We are so proud when leaders in cancer care like Purnota Bahl espouse our cause . The Cuddles Foundation has redefined the role of access to nutrition in the management of children undergoing treatment for cancer in India.Read more