Chai for Cancer time! Chaifie time!

The Chaifie and how your selfie with your cup of chai can motivate and inspire :

It is that time of the year again – Chai for Cancer time! Chaifie time! Do help me create a buzz once again. This year, more than ever, I need your support as thousands of patients we work with are left without basic means to travel and seek consultation and collect their supply of medicines. I am all the more determined to make our campaign work better this year. Post/send me your Chaifie – a selfie with your cup of chai! Please? Tag me and @chaiforcancer and use the hashtags #chaiforcancer #chaifie #raiseacup #drinktoacause while posting on social media. Your one cup of chai will go a long way in helping one cancer patient live in hope and dignity!


Viji Venkatesh, Founder – Chai for Cancer

“Viji – Amma to many of us – started Chai for Cancer – a unique awareness and fundraising campaign to cater to the basic needs of cancer patients, seven years ago. A campaign that is simple at heart and allows just about anyone to participate. It does not call for deep pockets and manages to tug at both the purse and the heartstrings. It is amazing to see how this simple germ of an idea has grown over the years. The humble cup of chai is so appealing and such a lovable concept, giving every person who participates the opportunity to contribute. It is up to the participating individual to decide the value of that cup of chai. Your involvement is strong testimony to the assurance that every cuppa makes a difference! The funds you raise by hosting a morning or an evening tea will help the Friends of Max continue supporting families affected by cancer, when they need it most. This teavolution is creating the bondage of a lifetime…do come and join us as we raise our cups in the spirit of giving.”

Ranjit Shahani, Former Vice Chairman and Managing Director – Novartis India

“Somethings we are always happy to be associated with…The ‘Chai for Cancer’ day is on the second Sunday of May! The whole idea is that we ask everyone to donate one cup of tea on that day and whatever proceeds are collected go to the welfare of Cancer patients!

In the midst of lockdown and anxiety and everything that follows… a little gesture goes a long way.. is it not?”

Nisha Narayanan, COO, Red FM India, Radio Partners

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