ek cup Chai with Red FM

11026163_845187195569611_2226015301916598942_nOur relationship with Red FM goes back a long way . In fact from our first year when we set out to navigate this uncharted path . Of raising funds for cancer patients by selling Chai .

This fearless and fun loving radio Station decided to adopt Chai for Cancer for their Bajao for a Cause campaign and gave our nervous foray into fundraising an immediate boost bringing it into the homes and consciousness of millions of Mumbaikars .

And they won a prestigious award for that campaign .  And came over and handed the award over to us saying we deserved it !!!

This year , they have gone National with their support of Chai of Cancer .

All of this week, their star Radio Jockeys , Malishka, Rishi Kapoor, j-Man , Rocky, Abhilash, Devankan in Mumbai, Bangalore , Delhi, Kolkata and Ahmedabad have been making impassioned appeals to their listeners to pledge their cup of chai on Chai for Cancer Day the 8th of May by going to our website www.chaiforcancer.org and donating online.

Bhai , ek cup Chai , sirf sau rupaye !!!!

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