Friends of Max, Delhi

Friends of Max’s City Chapter Leaders from Delhi hosted their first Chai for Cancer Adda of 2021 on September 5. Since the inception of CFC in 2014, the enthusiastic leaders have hosted Addas at RGCI and Lodhi Gardens every year. This year, with the pandemic restricting public gatherings, they decided to host one virtually!

It was a unique assembly of cancer patients, their caregivers, friends, and supporters of our cause. Throughout the evening, supporters of Chai for Cancer kept shuffling in and out of the meeting room, greeting each other, singing songs & sharing cancer stories.

And of course we had the dynamic RJ Swati ( @swatcat68 ) representing our ever supportive Radio Partners Red FM, who brought kilotons of energy to the Adda, interacted with our attendees, shared personal anecdotes and urged everyone to donate towards our cause.

Being a virtual event, the Adda had attendees not only from Delhi but also Amritsar, Mumbai, Calicut, Kolkata and Indore. We also had a live performance from Rajat Dhingra – President of Indian Music Society, PGFAV College, and a special father-son duet by FOM CCL Yogesh and Harit Bhasin.

Indeed, this Virtual Adda was no less than any physical Adda we have organized before – complete with music, poetry, laughter, stories and of course, several cups being raised for cancer patients in need.

You can watch the live replay of this Adda on our Facebook page

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