GIST Meeting and CFC Adda- 14th December 2019

Together we Share and Learn… Yes it was indeed a day of being together, sharing our knowledge and learning things from others. Sharing a brief of the GIST meeting and CFC Adda held at the Max Foundation office on 14th December’2019

The meeting was supposed to begin by 10:30 but we had people coming from as far as Bhusaval (above 450 km from Max office, worli) reaching before 10:00 am. By the time the meeting began we had young and old, first timers and veterans all together filling up the chairs. We also had equal number of CML survivors joining in.

After breaking the ice with some informal introduction, Viji amma interactively presented and took us through the journey of Max, Max foundation, CML Meetings, Formation of FOM & emergence of GIST specific meetings. We had very interactive sessions in which CML and GIST patients discussed and shared the differences and similarities between the two patients. The issues they faced and how they overcame the same. Personal experiences were shared. It was a wonderful session of learning and enriching for each one of us.

With Advent season on, we couldn’t miss enjoying some delicious Christmas cake. By cutting the cake, we set on roll our last Chai for Cancer (CFC) Adda for the calendar year 2019. People contributed towards the cause. Santa was not physically there but Carols were sung, followed by sometime of singing and dancing to the melodious rendering by our friends who had gathered there. It was followed with some wonderful food. Finally we dispersed greeting each other and promising to meet back at the earliest for more Sharing and Learning… and of course no words can be enough describing and thanking for all the hospitality and hand holding which we got and getting from the entire Max Foundation team led by Amma.

Pramod John George

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