Kolkata is the city with a heart

Adda KOL TMC 22 Apr 2016 At the Tata Medical Center the steely-gazed bust of one of the greatest Indians of all time Jamshed Tata watched in approving silence as Friends of Max personnel and well-wishers met to donate for the cause.






As if that wasn’t enough, for two days in a row immediately thereafter, under the benign gaze of the early morning sun, health-conscious walkers at the picturesque Victoria Memorial Gardens also found time to donate generously to the Chai for Cancer cause.


IMG_6772Kolkata has always risen to the occasion. IMG_6933Thank you!

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  1. Masuma Begum Reply

    Very nice and unique step to support cancer patient.

    • The Chai for Cancer Team Reply

      Dear Masuma Begum

      Our apologies for not replying sooner. We appreciate your post and look forward to you continued support.

      The Chai for Cancer Team

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