Lodhi gardens, 13th April 2024

Chai for Cancer Adda took place at the iconic Lodhi Gardens in Delhi and was held on April 13, 2024. Organised by the enthusiastic City Chapter Leaders of FOM, Delhi Chapter, this Adda is a tradition upheld each year. We were fortunate to have the wholehearted support of our Radio partner, RedFM, particularly RJ Nalwa and RJ Riya. We are also grateful to the kind and generous morning walkers who took the time to support our cause. During the Adda, were seen many walkers casually mixing with patients living with CML, a type of rare blood cancer. They learnt about the disease and how Chai for Cancer works to bring hope and dignity into the lives of those affected. Their contribution validates the importance of our work.

What was particularly touching and special about this Adda was how everyone just took it upon themselves to ensure its success. From spreading awareness and donating to the cause, to serving delicious samosas, kachori, mathri for ‘nashta’, along with the never-ending cups of chai, everyone came together to Raise their Cup and Drink to a Cause!

Thank you FOM Trustees, City Chapter Leaders, RED FM and the generous morning walkers for the very impactful Adda!

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