Magical monsoon tour

What’s good about being caught in the rain without an umbrella? It frees captive eyes to observe things mindfully, minutely. You could be pounding the same streets daily without really noticing the most delicious details. But, forced to slip below creaky shop awnings for shelter from a shower, is to wake to whole hidden universes… from architectural gems in the urban chaos of grotty building facades scrubbed clean by the downpour or seemingly dead earth underfoot come alive with wild flora if you’re luckily stopped nearer green patches.

Photos: Katie Bagli

Pointing out unmissable beauties of the short-lived phenomenon called Ephemeral Monsoon Flush, one of our favourite naturalists, Katie Bagli, explains, “Nature seems to wave her magic wand, especially in Borivli’s Sanjay Gandhi National Park, as well as along the Western Ghats. New species sprout fresh every other week, so tread with care not to trample the vegetation.”

Crinum or Trumpet Lilies, large bell-shaped flowers of pink stripes on white, inaugurate the season to carpet the ground in blooms resembling pure snowflakes, which wither all too soon. Shooting out next come Chlorophytum Lilies, the tiny ground-hugging Yellow Ground Stars or Kali Musli, the Cup-and-Saucer Plants reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter’s tea party and purple-stalked Ghost Flowers standing straight as arrows. Towards the end of these three months will emerge Glory Lilies with Goldilocks-like red and yellow petals.

Who can stay untouched by such a moveable feast? Set aside some time to enjoy this fashion parade of flowers and funghi. Then sip a hot cuppa, toasting our wonderful Chai for Cancer initiative!


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  1. Jangoo Mistry Reply

    Observe the world around you. Spend
    some more time. See the goodness in little corners as well as in nature’s landscape.

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