Mumbai, 29th May 2016

29may16-mum-anuradha-4When friends rally around to support a cause and then their friends join in , you know you are doing the right thing .

On Sunday it was the turn of Anuradha and Rajesh Bhatia to open home and hearth to unending stream of family and friends who together raised innumerable cups of chai and drank to Chai for Cancer .


29may16-mum-anuradha-3 Young Dhruv created a simple yet powerful message that made sure guests stopped by the “shop” where his mother the beautiful Geeta Singh had put out her charming , hand painted tea kettles for sale to raise more funds .

29may16-mum-anuradha-1One of the ageless heroes at every Chai Adda is the character named ‘kettle’  – derived from the Old English cetel and the Old Norse ketill. It stirs all sorts of emotions and evokes warmth and cheer.

29may16-mum-anuradha-2Exactly these emotions were on display at well-wisher and supporter Anuradha and Rajesh (Ramanan) Bhatia’s home on Sunday 29 May – where young and old, quiet or lively all joined hands to donate to a cause. One of the great rewards of such Addas is not just donations for the needy but meeting old like-minded friends after years – who carry the Adda torch onward .
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