Navi Mumbai, 17 June 2023

We’d like to take a moment and thank Bharati Golatkar, her daughter Ketaki, son Aditya and wife Surbhi  for hosting an Adda in the loving memory of their beloved husband and father at their home in Navi Mumbai. They chose Chai for Cancer in remembrance of his love for chai and how he enjoyed making and drinking it with friends and family. While Aditya & Surbhi were by her side, Ketaki joined in virtually. They were soon surrounded by a houseful of friends and family, the most generous of hearts and humans.

Amidst cancer stories, music and poetry the guests shared their personal experiences with cancer and unanimously agreed that today, Cancer should no longer be regarded as an obstacle, but instead, a condition that can be overcome by timely detection and proper treatment.

Thank you once again for choosing and trusting Chai for Cancer to be a part of this momentous and special occasion.

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