New York, 19 August 2023

A Chai for Cancer Adda was hosted in New York City by Amit Vaidya (author of the book Holy Cancer – How a Cow Saved My Life) and his artist friend John-Herbert Wright. The day 19 August 2023 was Amit’s birthday which he dedicated to the cause. Their friends from the artworld and beyond attended the Adda, which was held at the Blue Building in New York City. John as well many other artists donated their art work to raise funds through this Adda.

What followed was an evening of music by Tyler James Bellinger, who enthralled all with his magical music and unending conversations about a variety of subjects, including the most recent developments in cancer treatment and care that not only assist to lengthen the lives of cancer patients but also improve their quality of life. This also raised the more general issue of how living longer with cancers like CML necessitate the need for ongoing emotional and practical support and the importance of initiatives like Chai for Cancer, which raise funds for patient’s urgent out-of-pocket needs. Everyone admired and appreciated the work being done by The Max Foundation and Friends of Max teams back in India.

Over cups of iced chai, the silent auction of the donated art work as well as those created by patients in India received an overwhelming response. We remain forever grateful to all of Amit’s artist friends John-Herbert Wright, Mekia Machine, Tyler Jordan, Chanti Louison, Eddy Bogaert, John Mazlish, Devon Marinac, Keli Lucas, Cody Folta, Veneranda Aguirre, Vanessa Barros-Andrade, who so graciously donated their work for the cause.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all the New Yorkers for their inspiring generosity, for joining us and raising their cups in support of this initiative.

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