Piyo Chai, Suno Kahani

Chai for Cancer was based on the idea of bringing people together, sharing stories and raising funds for cancer patients in need. A CFC Adda encapsulates this idea. We are constantly looking at avenues to share stories which are told over a hot cup of chai and in this endeavour, we have collaborated with Meher Marfatia, author of the book, Once Upon a City, to share some of the stories she had collected while writing her column for Mid-Day.

Meher shares, “A cup of tea. Such a warm energy exchange between people over one. Be it masala, mint, camomile, lemon, green, kahwa or even tea-bag chai. Any and every flavour of tea I’ve sipped, interviewing Bombayites for my Sunday Midday column – from cutting chai glasses with street vendors to fancy blends in boardrooms – has led to charming conversations.

Happy to share some inspiring little stories, gathered while working on Once Upon A City.

Ek chai zindagi ke naam…
Kayi kahaaniyaan, Bambai meri jaan!”