Pramod George’s Adda, Mumbai 2022

Friends of Max Trustee Pramod George hosted a Chai for Cancer Adda at his home in Kalyan on 16th October. It is tradition for Pramod to host an Adda every year but this one was special because CFC came back to his home after a gap of three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Preparations began a month early as Pramod sent out personalized invitations and promoted CFC merchandize amongst his family, relatives, friends and colleagues. On the day of the Adda, the George family, dressed in colourful CFC t-shirts set up the décor with the advertised t-shirts and mugs.

Our gracious hosts made sure they welcomed each of the dozens of guests at the Adda and served them with Mini’s special chai along with evening snacks and copies of FOM reading material. FOM Managing Trustee Viji Venkatesh made a surprise appearance as did Suresh Pawar, FOM Mumbai City Chapter Leader.

We spoke with Reena and Saraswati, two of the guests who attended a Chai Adda for the first time. Says, Reena who has promised to attend Pramod’s Addas in the coming years, “I was so inspired to hear Pramod’s story and how he overcome his disease. I think Chai for Cancer is a noble cause that helps cancer patients financially and emotionally.”

Saraswati, a family friend of Pramod’s was all praises about her experience at the Adda – “I attended this Adda out of curiosity. My family has a history of cancer but none of them had access to a support group. I really enjoyed listening to all the stories shared at the event and will surely like to come back in the future.”

Pramod and his generous guests together raised more than ₹2.3 Lakhs at this Adda. Every last paisa of these funds will go towards supporting the unmet needs of cancer patients from weaker socio-economic backgrounds and help them live a life of dignity. We thank our hosts – the George family – from the bottom of our hearts.

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