Ravikumar’s Adda

HUGE THANKS to Friends of Max’s City Chapter Leader from Calicut, Mr Ravikumar P. , who dedicated his birthday this year to raising awareness and funds for cancer patients in need. Through his efforts, he has raised close to ₹40,000 for the Chai for Cancer Season 8 campaign.

Ravikumar says “I have wanted to host a CFC Adda for a very long time but my busy work schedule never allowed me to. My hometown and all my childhood friends are in a different state which is another hurdle.”

But when the COVID-19 pandemic struck India, all FOM and CFC activities were moved to online platforms. After learning that through our virtual campaign, CFC has managed to raise 20 lakhs in funds, Ravikumar was inspired to run a campaign of his own.

“Raising funds was still a challenge for me as I had never done this before and didn’t know where to start”, says Ravikumar. But on 1st November, when he saw Viji Venkatesh’s Diwali video urging people to donate, he knew what he had to do.

Ravikumar set a goal of raising ₹35000 by 30th November, his birthday, as he wanted to make the donation on the same day. He tried to involve as many people as possible so that no one felt burdened. He did this by forwarding CFC’s videos and personally calling them up.

Ravikumar is very pleased with the funds he has raised and plans on running another campaign next year. We are grateful to him and his family and friends who contributed towards Chai for Cancer Wish you a Happy Birthday, Ravi!

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