RGCI Adda, Delhi

Every year, Chai for Cancer organizes two Addas at Delhi – one at the Lodhi Gardens and the other at the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre. The latter is hosted by the RGCI team who were once again eager to do so especially after the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to this annual tradition.

The enthusiastic physicians at RGCI –  Dr Dinesh Bhurani, Rayaz Ahmed, Narendra Agarwal and their team hosted the CFC Adda on Saturday, 26th November. Our committed Radio Partners Red FM delhi spread the word of this event across the Delhi airwaves throughout the past week and their amazing RJ Atishay was present at the Adda to capture the voices – new and old – and amplify the message of supporting cancer patients in need.

As always, our stalwart FOM Trustees and City Chapter Leaders ran the show, supporting the Adda as patients, caregivers, treating physicians and supporters in the city visited, checked out our merchandise, raised a cup and donated generously towards our cause.

We asked FOM City Chapter Leader Monica Kapoor about her experience at the Adda. Here’s what she says, “Chai for Cancer Addas have always been a special place for us to come together as a community and spread positivity amongst everybody who attends. The Addas at RGCI are very encouraging – Dr Bhurani and his team always make it a point to spend time with us and encourage us for the good work. Viji Amma (Viji Venkatesh) has an infectious energy that inspires us to work for the welfare of our CML community.”

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