Rohini Bhowmick is one of Chai for Cancer’s superheroes. A patron since the first season in 2014, Rohini has been a part of all our Addas organized in Thane and also hosted one of her own!

In 2021, she, along with her husband Chirodeep Chaudhuri added a unique flair to our Season 8 campaign by organizing a Virtual Fundraiser of her own generating ₹ 2.8 Lakhs in donations and priceless amounts of awareness and goodwill for our cause. This was a significant contribution that helped us achieve our goal of raising ₹ 50 Lakhs to support the unmet needs of cancer patients.

Rohini says, “We decided to ask our friends and those who support the cause to imbibe this year’s tagline Ek Chai Zindagi Ke Naam in a short video. Our friends willingly sent in their videos, each bringing out a ray of happiness, hope, joy and inspiration to celebrate life.”

We are grateful to Rohini and Chirodeep and look forward to their continued support this season.

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