Rohini’s Virtual Campaign

Our most sincere gratitude goes out to Rohini Bhowmick of Thane, Maharashtra. A home chef and long-time supporter of Chai for Cancer, she along with her husband, Photographer Chirodeep Chaudhuri, led her virtual fundraising campaign for Chai for Cancer from 16th to 25th May 2021.

Rohini added her own unique flair to our 2021 campaign by urging their friends, family and colleagues to not only donate to our cause, but by also spreading the joy of giving. Their efforts led to raising ₹ 266,617 for cancer patients in need.

We thank Rohini, Chirodeep and all their friends and family who helped us move closer to our goal of raising ₹50 Lakhs this Season for cancer patients during these uncertain times.

Friends of Max and Chai for Cancer salute your efforts!

Here’s what she has to say about her experience running her campaign for Chai for Cancer-

The anguish of the pandemic seemed to overpower every other emotion I had in me & almost abandoned the idea of hosting the Chai for Cancer online fundraiser this year, until I pushed myself & established an approach by playing on the theme, “Ek Chai Zindagi Ke Naam”.

The idea was simple. Let’s create a Virtual Chai Adda (replicating Viji’s original format) by asking our friends to infuse moments of joy, serenity & a will to celebrate this life through a short video interpreting the theme rendered through a song, a movie dialogue, a recitation, an instrument played or sketches.

While only 10 videos were required as a quick start to this campaign, we suddenly had over 40 delightful videos, allowing us to transform it into an all-video format altogether. The affirmation was captivating!

Even the most hesitant (my husband & I included) collaborated & through this idea helped to lose one’s inhibitions to ‘perform’ on social media (a medium with perhaps the largest public reach), all for a cause. A cause to generate awareness, donations & a meaningful life for all the survivors/patients & their loved ones, distraught by the financial & emotional struggles.

In these few days, I witnessed some of the most heart-breaking stories from visitors on my media pages or friends via phone, yet at the same time was truly overwhelmed by the thoughtful & kind gestures met out by our dear friends.

I do believe the campaign not only achieved a sense of cheerfulness but encouraged many to generously donate from across countries, fulfilling the primary objective of extending hope.

Stay strong & be happy – just the bare necessities! Here’s to Chai for Cancer & our cup to ek chai zindagi ke naam!

Rohini Bhowmick – Home Chef at Spices & Friends.
Chirodeep Chaudhuri – Photographer

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