Bob & Bobby

Meet Bob & Bobby who are the creators of our cool caped ‘Kullad’ mascot and other branding for Season 10 of Chai for Cancer. They have also put together the “Why Chai for Cancer” series.

Bob and Bobby are filmmakers, animators and illustrators from Kolkata who love to make stories and art out of things they see and things they don’t. They have directed and animated the music video for Mask Kho Gaya, a song composed by Vishal Bhardwaj and sung by Vishal Dadlani. They are currently developing their animated series and script of their feature film.

Jasmine Daver

Presenting the special edition @chaiforcancer Season 10 Mug – so by now you all know about the Caped Kullad that  @almost_bobby & @bob_almost designed for us – our new logo last year and ever since then I have wanted only that very image on the CFC mugs. When you want something really bad we all know that the Universe conspires right?

So I’m sitting and wondering how we do this and staring me in the face is this beautiful hand painted mug @agirlunderwater gave me for my 70th last year. It’s classy and stylish and I’m thinking how the Caped Kullad would look if hand painted like this on a mug. My mind’s eye says Yes! and in no time we have the artist’s contact details and @jazzmineporcelain comes on board. Jasmine with magic on her palette and enough love in her heart to painstakingly create by hand a 100 kullads on 100 mugs for us in a month’s time all ready for the launch of Season 10. Yes, hand paint individually 100 mugs for us. Each one a special edition mug which will find pride of place in their owners’ homes and hearts. Your very own special Chai for Cancer Mug.

Jasmin Daver has been painting on porcelain since 2011, when she enrolled for a class taught by a
lady named Anaheeta. According to her, painting on porcelain is more than just a creative outlet for
an artist. It is a way to connect with people and preserve their memories. Each piece carries a special
memory for the person who commissions it, whether it is a teacup adorned with a magical touch or
a plate featuring a beloved neighbourhood landmark.

In an age where mass-produced items dominate the market, painting on porcelain offers a welcome
alternative. It is a reminder of the value of handmade items and the importance of preserving our
personal histories. It is a labor of love, but one that is well worth the effort.

It had to be someone who understood the cause and would give their all to it. Just like Bob & Bobby. Just like our friends in @redfmindia and just like the kind hosts of our Addas. So we welcome you Jasmine into the fold and everyone will #RaiseYourCup and #DrinkToACause