Shormishtha Mukherjee’s Adda, Mumbai 2022

Shormishtha Mukherjee author of the book, “Cancer, You Picked the Wrong Girl” in which she documents her diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer is known to Viji Venkatesh and is also no stranger to Chai for Cancer having attended our events at Bandra in December 2021 and May 2022. 

It was only a matter of time before this feisty friend of ours hosted an Adda! 

And it happened over the weekend on 25/9.

Shormishtha and her co-hosts, her husband Anirban and niece Anushka were graciousness personified while the third co-host, Tuggu the cat, entertained the guests all evening with his charming ways.

It was an overwhelming feeling to see so many friends and like-minded people come together and raise their chai cups, samosas, poha, jalebis and cake to our cause. Anirban and his guitar then started a spontaneous musical session and everyone lent their voices as the Adda melodiously went into the sunset.

In the middle of it all was of course, Chai for Cancer. Guests kept pouring in, some meeting each other for the first time, others having attended CFC Addas in the past. Most of them were neighbours, close friends and colleagues of our hosts.

Also present was Dr Anuj Kumar, Radiation Oncologist at Tata Memorial Hospital, who not only lent his voice to the musical aspect of this Adda but also spoke to the guests about rare cancers and treatments available to cancer patients today.

Stories were shared and CFC merchandise purchased as people donated generously to support the unmet needs of those on lifelong treatment. A hearty thanks to our hosts, the Mukherjees and all their warm-hearted guests!

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