Taj Mahal Tea House

International Tea Day is celebrated every year on 15th December, and this year Chai for Cancer decided to leverage this date to raise awareness and funds for cancer patients in need. The two-day event was organized at the Taj Mahal Tea House in Mumbai.

The Chai for Cancer team arrived at the venue early in the morning to set the reading material – brochures, newsletters, annual reports – and the merchandise – mugs, T-shirts and coasters – up for display. As the café started teeming with its early morning customers, so too did we spring into action.

New patrons and old kept shuffling in and out of the café all day long, engaging in conversation with the CFC team, checking out the merchandise and raising several mugs, coasters and T-shirts in support of cancer patients.

We were also joined by a very special supporter, Shormishtha Mukherjee, who helped us by donating funds, posing for photos, urging her readers to visit the Adda and also donating copies of her book “Cancer, You Picked the Wrong Girl” to help with our cause!

Day 2 of the event began on a strong note with FOM’s Patient Leader and one of Chai for Cancer’s strongest supporters – Suresh Pawar – joining us at the venue and renowned city chronicler and journalist, Meher Marfatia jump starting our sales.

Long-time supporters, friends of Viji Venkatesh and her ELSA alumni group visited the venue throughout the day and immensely supported the cause! Also joining us were Friends of Max City Chapter Leaders Dr Jude Vaz, Latha Sunder Krishnan and Abhishek Pandey, whose presence made a world of difference to us.

It was an ideal Chai for Cancer Adda – the first of its kind post the lockdowns in India. Random visitors at the venue connected with the cause from all over the country and abroad. Cups of chai and conversations kept flowing as donations and awareness was raised.

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