Tea Stories

There can be few better tales from tea gardens that those featured in “Indian Chai Stories” : simple yet distinctive, with a strong local flavour and upholding a spirit that cuts across geographies and binds a worldwide community. 

The drink that “cheers but does not inebriate” has much in common with the fundraiser and advocacy platform called “Chai for Cancer’ which is now in its sixth season and has hosted Addas all over India.

A recent host of a fundraiser succinctly described the concept of Chai for Cancer as “a friendly approach to the strong word called cancer”. In India, chai makes an ordinary occasion special while the drink retains an ‘ordinariness’ that is in fact its strength, because it’s ‘ordinariness’ draws one and all to it. This triggers commonplace ‘group activity’ like a tea party (Adda) where the conversation dwells on cancer.  Tea suggests friendliness and a Chai Adda subtly promotes friendliness, openness and comfort for people who need our emotional and financial support.

Chai for Cancer invites you to lose yourself in this evocative Chai story and another world of sprawling gardens, hard-working families and ready smiles.

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