Want to support Chai for Cancer 2021?

Here’s our Virtual Chai for Cancer Adda Tutorial for hosting
Chai for Cancer during the times of COVID-19 and an FAQ to help you raise your cup and drink to our cause with your friends and family from far and near:

What is the Forum or Platform for a virtual Chai for Cancer Adda ?

  • Create an online campaign on Social Media. Eg. A
    Facebook event
  • Host an Adda on Zoom
  • Host an Adda on a WhatsApp Group

How can I promote my online Adda ?

  • The Chai for Cancer Team will provide posters and social media sliders for you to upload
  • Use the #Chaifie Campaign
  • Create/upload your own content
  • Use pictures/videos from the Chai for Cancer
    website/social media pages
  • Share a virtual invite with friends

What should be the timeline – how long can a Chai for Cancer Adda go on for?

A Chai for Cancer Adda can last a day, a week or a month.

The length of the Adda depends on the type of Adda you choose to host. An online Facebook event or social media campaign can go on for multiple days while a Zoom Adda will take place on one particular day at a set time.

It is good to set a limit of four weeks.

How can my guests donate to Chai for Cancer ?

Donors within India can donate online on www.chaiforcancer.org or via a bank transfer or by cheque (details will be provided). International donors can donate online on www.themaxfoundation.org stating that the funds are for CFC or via bank transfer (FCRA details will be provided).

How will the Chai for Cancer team help with this campaign?

The Chai for Cancer team and our Friends of Max volunteers will provide assistance with posters and invites, marketing the event as well as co-ordinating/tracking donations and for any additional help required.

I’d like to organize a Virtual Adda

Send us an email at chaiforcancer@gmail.com for any questions or queries.