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It’s the time of year when Bombay bursts with beautiful summer blooms. With vermilion gulmohar and burnished laburnum, pastel-perfect bougainvillea and dreamy clouds of mussaenda bushes. Lanes crowned by leafy canopies seem to roll out golden yellow carpets underfoot.

Tabebuia rosea trees delight morning walkers in Vikhroli. Photo: CHIRODEEP CHAUDHURI

Wowing us right now is our very own “cherry blossom” (as the Rosy Trumpet Tree is known in common parlance), soon to shed its gorgeous spring blossoms. The emotions evoked by Tabebuia rosea– one among 109 species of the genus, liningthe Vikhroli belt of the Eastern Express Highway – are well described by my photographer friend and staunch Max Foundation supporter, Chirodeep Chaudhuri.

Admiring the city splashed pink, thanks to these pretty flowers and the flamingos of Navi Mumbai, he says, “This is interesting because the colour I most connect with the city is grey, those wonderful dark shades of clouds during the monsoon, but depressing when the air hangs with smog on most days. Commuting by train for many years, I never experienced this highway stretch. Occasionally using the car, each time I find myself excited waiting for this bit of the road and slow down the drive to prolong the feeling.”

To each their own summer vine. What’s yours?


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    what a picturesque and colorful editorial written ! Marvelous. AI could see all flowers, trees and the birds by your words. thank you Meherji

  2. Urmila Reply

    Thank you Meher. Your writing always cheers up and inspires. We need to in this way plant flowering bushes plants all along our railway routes so commuters are cheered. Roads too….trees best of course. We need to realise how much even a small patch of Nature revitalises us. Keep your lovely pieces coming.

  3. Roxane Reply

    A blossoming tree can brighten up anyone’s day 🌳🌺
    Meher thank you for reminding us about the beauty around us 🌹

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