V Care’s Adda, Mumbai 2022

Diwali is an occasion of giving and celebrating in togetherness. The emotion was best depicted at the V-Care Foundation office by the Vandana Gupta and her team when they hosted a Chai for Cancer Adda as part of their festive celebrations on 23rd October.

The event saw their entire team joining in an atmosphere of love, laughter, joy and music. Dr Anuj Kumar, Raditation Oncologist, Tata Memorial Centre, was also present and showcased his vocal talents with his usual charisma. Dr Kumar, who had previously attended Shormishtha Mukherjee’s Adda in September this year spoke about what Chai for Cancer meant to him and his appreciation of the work done by patient-oriented non-profits in India like V-Care and The Max Foundation.

Says Jyoti Patil Shah of V-Care, “V Care Foundation has been in the space of cancer care for two decades. As patient organisations, V Care & Friends of Max, are always emphasizing and working on ease for patients and caregivers during their treatment.

Chai for Cancer is a unique, one of its kind of fundraising initiative. The funds raised help with the out-of-pocket expenses that the patient has to undergo when they are on active treatment be it nutrition, travel, tests, etc. Support such as this motivates patients to complete their treatment without any hesitation. Team V Care wishes Friends of Max the very best in this beautiful endeavour.”

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    thanks a lot for sharing cheerful l photos and info.
    very lovely show. best wishes to all
    yours sincerely Ravi Torne, Birivali East Mumbai 400066

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