Viji’s Adda, Mumbai 2022

As is tradition for Chai for Cancer, the first Adda of our Season 9 campaign was hosted by Viji Venkatesh. This Adda was organized at the Taj Mahal Tea House in Mumbai on 16th May and was the first in-person Adda in over two years – thanks to the easing of the COVID protocol.

The Adda saw an amazing turnout by old and new supporters who were either invited personally by Viji or saw the notification on our social media pages and decided to join in the fundraising-cum-awareness event.

Our first guest that morning was Rupa Sahni – a close friend of Viji’s and a cancer survivor herself. Soon, more guests followed and the chatter in the tea house grew louder as old friends met each other after a long time and new friendships were made.

Members of Viji’s 100-saree pact, her alumnus group, Friends of Max volunteers and The Max Foundation’s Mumbai team shuffled in and out of the Adda as a constant stream of Chai, cookies, hot samosas and sandwiches were served to the guests.

A unique feature of this Adda was that a lot of people – including some major influencers on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram – who are connected to Viji and Chai for Cancer through social media only also decided to show up and raise a cup to our cause!

The creators of this season’s mascot – the caped kulhad – Bob & Bobby attended the Adda. As did Mr Ranjit Shahani who has a long association with FOM and Max through Novartis and has always supported and encouraged Chai for Cancer. Also present was Tapan-Mittal Deshpande, the Director of ThotPot, who auctioned off a quilt, designed by the women of Kotachi Wadi, Mumbai.

As always, we had the powerful support of our Radio Partners Red FM who were represented at this Adda by RJ Yamini and Producer Vishal Biradar. They were quick to blend in with our crowd and interviewed several guests to capture the essence of this Adda.

We are grateful to everyone who joined us at Viji’s Adda and generously raised their cups to our cause. Some of our contributors weren’t able to join in-person but made sure to donate online through our website. Your support has helped us raise ₹225,000 from the first Adda of this Season alone! This amount will go a long way in helping a cancer patient live a life of dignity and hope.

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